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Female Champions Rewarded for Innovate projects Empowering Girls

Women champions to empower girls and young women

Kathmandu, August 11, 2016: A series of trainings organized by UNESCO in collaboration with We Inspire Nepal (WIN), has turned 50 young girls into Champions of change, who will be leading and empowering adolescent girls in their communities.

These ‘champions’ are the young women who have made gender equality and empowerment their cause and mission in life and have developed proposals breaking boundaries in their communities and beyond, focusing on promoting girls’ education.

A total of 20 proposals were received for the programme, encapsulating innovative and cost-effective ideas. UNESCO had organized a session on August 5 to showcase these ideas and commit to its financial support. Using the example of Malala Yousafzai, Tap Raj Pant from the organization had explained to the group on how one empowered girl can in turn empower other girls in the community.

“All the projects will receive support,” said a press release issued by the organization. Female Champions are provided with a maximum of 100 days to work on their project and complete the work which shall foster values such as volunteerism, peer-to-peer learning, and awareness-raising.

The champions appeared excited at the idea of finally being able to implement their projects. Sailaja Kharel, one of the Champions said, “My motivation has just doubled and I shall do my best to make a positive difference through my project.”

The projects are supported under the Malala Fund for Girls’ Right to Education and the Hainan Funds-In-Trust enhancing quality and relevant learning for adolescent Girls.