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Fire Safety Awareness Programme by Kathmandu Metropolitan City


Kathmandu, November 1, 2018: Kathmandu Metropolitan City is launching the Fire Safety Awareness programme to aware and prevent the possible accidents caused by firecrackers and oil lamps. Focusing on Tihar festival, KMC is organizing a one-week long program.

The program will be conducted from November 2. This year Tihar is from November 5. Tihar is also known as Deepawali where people use lit candles, oil lamps and electric lamps to celebrate the festival of lights. Using to illuminate each corner of the houses increases the chances of fire.

The fire safety awareness programmes will be conducted in various public places by the Disaster Management Department of KMC. The area of the target will be school, government offices and busy marketplaces.

Head of the DMD, Indraman Singh Suwal shared, “All ward chairs, ward members and local leaders will be asked to spread fire safety awareness in their areas. Nepal Police and Nepali Army personnel, and various firefighting units will be in alert position during Tihar to prevent incidents of fire.”

Realizing the challenge, Police have also initiated levelling up the security to ensure that the illegal fireworks are not used in Kathmandu Valley. As the use of the firecrackers can be very injurious and is a threat to public health due to noise and air pollution, controlling the use of firecrackers is a huge challenge to the security personnel.