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Budget Allocated for Technical Education in Urlabari


Urlabari, November 1, 2018: Pathari Shanishchare Municipality of Morang District granted Rs. 5,00,000 for technical education for economically deprived students. The fund was provided to a trust founded by Madan Bhandari Memorial Foundation.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Mayor Dilip Kumar Rai, Chief Administrative Officer Surya Prasad Gautam and Foundation’s Employment Counseling and Marketing Officer Bhuwan Kumar Dhimal.

The Foundation has been running ‘Technical Education Souvenir Loan Scheme’ since 2065 BS. It encourages investments from the trust for the economically deprived ones. After the income generation, the beneficiaries will have to pay the loan.

Counselling and Marketing Officer Dhimal pointed, “43 students including 14 from the same municipality are pursuing their studies in the Foundation under the scheme. Rs 11.5 million has been collected in the trust.”

He concluded, “Foundation has offered its scheme for students pursuing courses on CMA, general medicine, PCL in Nursing, I.Sc in Agriculture, I.Sc in Crop Science, I.Sc in Veterinary Science, Diploma in Civil Engineering and some others.”