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Flourishing the Branding Market: Urban Nomads


This is the period of individuals with various company foundation who consider making brands and planning for their organization, new companies who battle for the advertising, structures and each unpretentious thing to prosper and extend their partnership. In such technology-based era, the group of young, creative and who do things differently or in an unconventional way, Urban Nomads is a Creative Branding Agency Based in Lalitpur Nepal.

Story behind initiating

Urban Nomad is a creative branding agency who work with different companies, individuals or an organization to get their brand name recognized in the market. They have been providing the services through photography, videography, graphic designing, animated videos, digital marketing or any kind of services to get recognized in any kind of creative services. This is the team of Graphic Designer, Web Developer, and Online Marketing professional who are working to build brands and market existing and new business to a wider audience.

The entire story of starting begins from the enthusiasm of the founder, Sushmeet Pradhananga, who has the foundation of  IT. Because of this, he was progressively adjusted towards planning which drove him to apply for occupation at M&S Next Venture Corp Nepal. Working there as an intern, he happened to become familiar with all the designing and demonstrated enthusiasm for the exact field. Later on, he began to deal with the entire designing field of M&S Next Venture Corp, which influenced him to understand that designing was his strong point and made him feel that it is great to deal with the plans of new brands as well. “To build up this agency, M&S Next Venture Corp , 10 Orbits, a few new companies, Foodmario and numerous others with whom I am in nexus with have appeared incredible help,” says the founder. There are 10 individuals who are working for Urban Nomads in particular Sushmeet Pradhananga, Shweta Sherchan, Rahul Dewan, Manish Jung Thapa, Laxman Rawal, Rabindra Shrestha, Samreen  Singh, Samyoga Bhattarai, Aatish Dubey, Rajeev Maharjan, Sakshat Khadka who are from various foundation framing the network of Urban Nomads.


About Urban Nomads

“Urban Nomads has no particular definition, in the event that you look in the google, the word reference characterizes it as urban..,” says Sushmeet Pradhananga. He further includes, “Urban Nomads is somebody like you, somebody like me. The general population of our age like to go around, investigate new things, manage new things. Urban Nomad is the blend of every one of these individuals with various foundations, with various experience meeting up and at last, they are as one working for the organization. The agency is flexible enough to work with the top-notch company, corporate reliance or startup or any field ”

Urban Nomads is a new agency which was set up just 4 months ago and it has achieved a robust measure of works. They were the creative partners in Next Growth Conclave managing all the event’s venue branding, social media designs. Every task related to design was done by their company. Similarly, Google Biz Fest is another event where they have collaborated as creative partners as well and managed all the designing aspects of the event.  They have been working with other corporate lines and involving in the promotional events of 10 Orbits, M&S Next Venture Corporation, Udhyami Seed Camp. The agency manages the videos of banking apps. They have been working with the brandings of new startups like Lakhey Nepal, which is a clothing brand recently showed up in the business sector.

Sushmeet Pradhananga includes, “Individuals gave positive reaction towards our work during the stall in Next Growth Conclave”.

The agency has been charging for what they do. The founder says, “The costs for the corporate line are truly high yet they guarantee to give them the top-notch service. From the communication service to the entire work they have been appointed to do, they ensure the best administration”. Regarding startups who cannot afford prices, Urban Nomads are keen on trying to build a community with themselves where people and entrepreneurs from the different community share the common sphere of helping each other whenever in need. Lakhey Nepal is one of the kinds which has been creating nexus with Urban Nomads. “We do not have a definite amount of pre-determined price to take, it depends upon the service they need and we provide, and on how much they are willing to pay us and how much we are comfortable with” adds the founder.


Since the founder is from IT background, only designing could not help to get the desired outcome. The managerial aspect which is the foremost element for any organization to start was absent. The method of client-dealing, responding to the clients was the most challenging part during the establishment of the company. Along with this, timely delivery, perfection in the work with a guaranteed outcome, satisfying the customer was another major challenge that the company faced. However, the founder says, “it was not that hard but overall it was challenging”

Future Urban Nomads

Urban Nomads is looking forward to work with different clients, different sectors and trying to make the community bigger. For this every Sunday they try to keep the workshop which is either going to be free or they might keep the nominal charges, where they do not charge more than rs.200. To expand their community, they started with the workshop of digital marketing which was concluded last week. For the coming week, they are trying to keep legal sessions for new entrepreneurs. Similarly, in the near future, they plan for doing the public speaking program and the programs which would be helpful to the community corroborated by other recreational projects where the youth artists, youth photographers and come up with fun activities.


Customer’s response

This is another major challenge which the agency faced.  The company already had a huge number of clients within the startup phase. Lack of human resources and manpower limited the services the corporation had to provide to the clients. However, Urban Nomads are indulging in adding more human resources. “Most of the clients are pretty satisfied” adds the founder.

Message to youths

“To follow their passion, move  where you are interested in.”

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