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‘Focus on Storytelling, not competition’

Two Day Film School concludes

Kathmandu, January 25, 2017: The Dov Simens 2 Day Film School held at Nepal Tourism Board concluded on January 23. Acclaimed for pioneering the 2-day film festival, and having mentored filmmakers such as Quentin Tarantino and Spike Lee, Dov Simens has been teaching film to filmmakers around the world.

The two-day event, organised by Kathmandu School of Cinema in association with the American Embassy in Nepal, was attended by film students, journalists, actors and filmmakers.

The first day of the workshop revolved around the basic components of filmmaking, such as screenwriting, shooting, directing and editing. During the session, Simens talked about the process that involves in the making of an independent film, linking it to the current condition of Nepali cinema industry and how filmmakers can produce a film with whatever resources they have. “First, learn how to tell a story. That is what is marketable. People around the world are curious about Nepal and you can sell that,” he said.

Presenting examples of how films made with limited budget and resources are thriving in international film market, Simens stressed on the will and passion needed on a filmmaker to tell a story. “Shoot your first feature in one location, with a few actors, with whatever camera you have with you (you can do it with a mobile phone as well),” Simens suggested.

On the second day of the event, Simens touched upon issues relating budgeting and marketing of the film. “We are in the age of globalisation,” Simens started. “There are a myriad ways how you can sell your films. First, there are film festivals happening around the world. And one advantage you’ve got is these fests prioritise films coming out of a third world country like yours. Then, there’s the internet and Television. You have no use competing with Hollywood but focus on telling your story right.”