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Foothpath Shops To Be Removed Permanently


Lalitpur, Dec 2,2014: The Lalitpur Sub-metropolitan City chief, Tara Bahadur Karki, has said that the shops and stalls located at Lagankhel and Jawalakhel in the district would be permanently removed as during the 18th SAARC Summit.

These shops would be permanently removed as they have created inconvenience to the passersby and the movement of vehicles in the roads.

Hundreds of stalls and shops were located on both sides of the road sections and hundreds of vendors used to sell goods encroaching on the roads, therefore they would be removed permanently, Karki added.

However, a local footpath runner, Mahesh Upreti said that he was worried with this decision of the local administration and rued difficulty for hundreds of shopkeepers in making ends meet and sustain families with this decision.

He urged the administration to manage alternative sites for the footpath shopkeepers like him.

The local administration has deployed 10 security personnel to take care of the sites as hundreds of flowerpots are kept in the sites.



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