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Free Schooling Urged by National Campaign for Education


Kathmandu, October 10, 2018: National Campaign for Education has urged that the provisions of free basic education to every child should be an education policy. According to the high-level education commission, the provision was incorporated in the current constitution and now it should match the spirit.

The NCE is an umbrella body of around 239 educational organisations. The stakeholders from the pre-primary to the university level on education, including experts, is working on the policy which will guide the entire education system in the country are in the commission. The draft was drafted after a high level of the counselling of central and provincial levels.

Education Review Office published the report under the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology which mentioned that after a quality testing of the school level, students achievements were measured along with the considerable drop rate in the quality of education in 2017 than that from 2013 standards.

NCE suggests that the draft includes the policy where a child does not have to pay tuition fee, textbooks, day meal, basic health and uniform till class eight which should be properly implemented. It also added a recommendation for aiming to reduce the dropout cases and ensure the learning achievements of the students  considering the chances of dropout rates to be high and quality to be a challenge after the growing access of education to the children.

The roles should be defined with the clear policy of ensuring free and compulsory education by government. NCE also focusing on the role of the federal government as it should make a wide curriculum framework including the local level designs of the curriculum based on the framework.