Home Business Foreign Visitors in Nepal Increase to 33.8% in September

Foreign Visitors in Nepal Increase to 33.8% in September


Kathmandu, October 9, 2018: Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) reported that around 91,820 foreign visitors visited Nepal in September with the growth of 33.8 per cent this year. Since autumn (September to November) is considered to be the best season to have a clear view of mystic Himalayas, the visit rate is typically high during this peak season.

According to the statistics released by the NTB, entry from India nearly doubled to 16,345 in September compared to the same month last year whereas China escalates to 55 per cent with 12,947 visitors.

Similarly, 8,807 tourists from Sri Lanka paid a visit which was 57.1 per cent up from the previous year. There is a vigorous growth of 52.8 per cent in the arrival from SAARC countries this September compared to the same month of last year. Likewise, arrivals from Asia excluding SAARC have a commendable growth of 42.6 per cent.

Arrivals from Japan, South Korea, Germany and France intensified to 8.9, 9.2, 30.9 and19 per cent respectively. This statistics represents the growth of 66.3 per cent in European markets this year.

Nevertheless, compared to 2017, Australia, New Zealand, the US and Canada had a downfall of 9, 4, 9 and 2 per cent respectively. As per the CEO of the NTB, Mr Deepak Raj Joshi, the national tourism promotional body and the private sector has impressively promoted Nepal in the International platforms.