What is Gautam Gulati doing outside the Bigg Boss house?

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What is Gautam Gulati doing outside the Bigg Boss house

26 November,2014: While Gautam Gulati is presently indulging in his antics inside the ‘Bigg Boss’ house, he is grabbing quite a few eyeballs on the streets of Delhi at the same time. Confused? No, there isn’t any doppelganger. The man in question is Gautam’s brother Mohit, his spitting image, who is based in Delhi.

When we contacted him, he said, “I am not his twin, I am older to Gautam by a year-and-a-half. This is not the first time I am drawing unwanted attention. People confuse one for the other. They often ask me when I got evicted from the house. It’s funny. I just hope Gautam doesn’t get evicted and goes on to win the show.”

Source:The Times of India



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