Home News “Go- Corona Robot” : A Nurse Robot against COVID -19

“Go- Corona Robot” : A Nurse Robot against COVID -19


Kathmandu, May 17: Twins brother, Lov Panthi (Finalist of Glocal Teen Hero – Nepal, 2019) along with his brother Kush Panthi, has come up with the second innovation to fight against COVID -19. They invented “Go-Corona Robot”, which acts as a mediator between corona victims and health workers.

“Go-Corona Robot ” is the first Nepali Nurse Robot. The robot has the competence to take care of corona patients in the isolation ward, and is also capable of delivering sanitizer, medicines, foods, etc for them. It aims to provide safety to the Medical Staff.The robot works to boost the patient’s morale, provide entertainment and create a comfortable environment for the patient.

The 4-foot-tall robot is equipped with a 12-megapixel camera, high-tech microphone, and ultrasound speaker. Luku V7.0 (Lovkus) Version 7 of the robot is being used. A microphone attached to the robot can hear human voices and also respond to sounds by understanding them through software.According to Panthi, the robot used wood, more copper and less iron, hard plastic and cardboard as it helped treat corona patients. The robot has the ability to carry a lot of goods. The “Go-Corona robot” is connected to a high-speed processor, which allows the robot to operate and control. He added an android application has been created for Go-Corona and the robot can be run through it.

The robot was handed over to Mr.Sudarshan Baral (Social Development Minister of Province 5) and mentioned that he was always ready to provide necessary  materials and encourage the research and development of the youth.