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GoatVenture: A gamely adventure of a goat that escapes from getting slaughtered in Dashain


Kathmandu, October 18, 2017: A new mobile game, Goatventure, has recently been released in the Nepali game market.

Designed and developed by Sroth Code Games, the game released on the occasion of Dashain festival this year is solely based on Nepal, be it the characters or the sounds.

In the game, a Jhike Khasi (goat) escapes from getting slaughtered. But, it runs through a path where there are a lot of obstacles, big rocks or heavyweight goons.

Your task it to save it from getting caught by the goons or getting struck on those obstacles. He is required to run as far as possible in order to survive. Its only weapon is its horn to knock out the goons.

And as he runs, he has to collect coins and unlock various enchanting powers. While discovering diverse powers, he has one hell of an adventure. And now, you’ve got a chance to join him on his, adventure, called Goatventure.

Though Dashain festival is already over, it’s surely an interesting game to play, and looks appealing to the individuals of any age group or any background.

The game is currently available on Android platform only and can be downloaded from here. The developers have announced to release iOS version of the game soon.