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Offering happiness: A venture which spreads happiness


‘Offering Happiness’ is a business venture that plans surprises. People can easily plan surprise birthday parties, marriage ceremonies, and special events through ‘Offering Happiness’. We interviewed Mr.Niraj Kafle, Co-Founder of ‘Offering Happiness’ to get more information about their venture.

Offering happiness offers u a wide range of awesome gift ideas with options for a personalized touch, and surprises ranging from acoustic songs to your loved ones while on a backpacking tour to baby shower surprises to a balloon fest on birthdays or by celebrating even the smallest bit of happy moments. Offering Happiness, understand that everyone has their definition of happiness and they hold no bars to provide people with the best of moments and add that extra sparkle in the eyes and smiles of the ones you love.

1. How did you come up with an idea for this company? What is the story behind its initiation?

The idea of Offering Happiness started in 2016, however, in February 2017, we officially started offering happiness. We just realized that there is a gifting world, where gifts are sent just as a product-based approach. This way of sending gifts lacked personal intensity and also an emotional connection. So, we four enthusiastic friends endeavoured to premiere a customized event planning enterprise named ‘Offering Happiness’. Through this venture, we are letting happiness spread its wing in the tiring skies of Kathmandu by the peculiar ideas our events comprise. We initiated the concept of sending customized gifts, surprisingly. We thought a surprise industry has a huge market and expanding nature. So, we started brainstorming various ideas that can lead us towards our vision of providing happiness to the people. Therefore, we ended up being a different company from what we imagined. As a customized gifting company, we started getting orders. We had many thoughts that we gathered, not just gifts, but also some experimenting surprises like dinner date, birthday celebrations which were good steps.

2. Looking back to the initiation days and now, how is the business running?

The business is taking its pace and it’s good at present. Many things have changed if I look back to the initiation days. Offering Happiness is an Experimental gifting platform now. The main theme is making people happy, giving them a surprise, giving a new experience in life. E.g., if someone is celebrating the birthday of someone, we ensure a special celebration. We have now launched our official website and if any person is from any parts of the world, they can reach out to us online and still plan surprises for their near ones and dear ones through our platform. They can send them gifts, and it is offered like an experienced part.

3. How is the response from the customer? What is success?

It’s a really good experience for our team. The customer reach is about more than 10,000 already. The chain of projects and overall business is rapidly taking pacing. The status of offering happiness is changed. We have introduced new systems, technologies, and many other new things. Before we started with just a Facebook page, but now we have a fully active e-commerce website where the customers can easily reach and communicate and can find their products that they want to send. We will introduce more varieties in the coming months. In terms of products, in terms of experience, in terms of customer service and as a whole in customer numbers also, we are growing.

4. What is the long term plan regarding the venture?

The main motive of offering happiness is we want to connect people. Many Nepali brothers and sisters are working abroad. They have their near and dear ones, who they want to give surprises. Gift can be a good medium to show your love and care upon that person. Offering Happiness motive doesn’t lie behind giving gifts only. It also cares upon maintaining the gesture while offering gifts and that should eventually make the person receiving the gift satisfied and happy. Therefore, Gift is just a medium, what matters is the gesture that you show. The understanding gap lies under this point.

Therefore, in the long run, we plan to establish an expressive connection, making emotions and gestures more visible and expressive. People from abroad, who can’t attain special day’s event, they can still be the part of the celebration where offering happiness will act as a bridge between them. We aim to protect the emotions and gestures of people even in their absence and maintain a beautiful celebration bringing a smile in life of the people.

Nepal has many life experiences and adventure sports that people enjoy. We want to make those adventure complement as the gift that we offer. Our gifting plans lie on people’s interest and we work accordingly. In the long run. We want to make our company the biggest Gifting Platform in Nepal. We are adding more facilities, gifting ideas, also lifetime adventure sports and many more. Offering Happiness, people can experience different angles, mountain base camp dinner, unusual surprises, and other new experiences. As a whole, we want to go exclusive and introduce unique ways of surprising people.

Link: www.offeringhappiness.com