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Hang On, Trump’s Win May Not Be As Terrible As You Think, World Already Has Leaders Like Him


So, Donald Trump has been elected the President of the US. Now what, will there be a World War beginning this weekend? Will he build a wall at the Mexican border by Friday evening? Will the world sit back quietly and watch him drown all the immigrants in the ocean when winters come? Or will all the women in America make a mass exodus to Canada tonight? Hang on people, nothing of this sort is going to happen.

The world already has many leaders of Trump’s ilk who rose to power high on rhetoric but the necessity to run their countries made them what they never looked like before assuming the office. There are a plenty of problems, still, but that should not make us sit down and not look for other options. Life goes on. And for all practical purposes its only about four years, hopefully.

It’s not the end of the world

Because now, Trump being POTUS is a reality, there are fears that he will unleash all his promises like building a wall at US’ southern border and make Mexico pay for it entirely? Not allowing Muslims to land in America, his contempt for immigrants is not hidden at all and his misogyny and disrespect for women is well documented.

In the wake of Trump’s win, let’s take a look of other countries and you’ll find that many international leaders are already doing what Trump promised to do during his election campaign. And this makes one wonder, is Donald Trump any different? Or perhaps, doesn’t the world already have enough leaders like Trump?


‘Immigrants are scary job thieves’

Former Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron, won a second term because his entire campaign was based on making the UK exit the EU as they weren’t able to handle hordes of immigrants entering the country. His campaign constantly targeted immigrants and how British identity was at stake along with “British values” and he called for a more “cohesive” community.

People voted for Brexit despite opinion polls suggesting otherwise because those who voted for either bought into the anti-immigration rhetoric or they believed in it all along and finally find an established forum that backed their beliefs.


Australia’s current government under Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently introduced a legislation to ban refugees and asylum seeks on Papa New Guinea’s Manus Island and Nauru from ever coming to Australia. Even as visitors. Also, any refugees/asylum seekers who try to enter the country illegally by boat will be banned forever. Moreover, Australia Border Force has been promoting targeting people based on their ethnicity to discourage them from bringing their relatives to Australia illegally.


In Western Europe, France’s population and anti-immigrant politician Marine Le Pen, before Trump won the election, tweeted: “American people, free”.

She’s the leader of France’s far-right party National Front that has steadily been getting popular in the country, especially after repeated terrorists attacks. Her father and founder of National Front added to her tweet and said, “Today the United States, tomorrow France. Bravo!” And the party’s vice president tweeted a photo of Marine with the caption, “Their world is collapsing. Ours is being built.”

Foreign Minister added that France would work with America’s new president and European politicians should analyse Trump’s voters. He said, “There is a part of our electorate that feels … abandoned,” including people who feel “left behind by globalization.”


France goes to election in 2017 and Le Pen’s National Front stands a strong chance of winning and if so does happen, then EU’s identity crisis will be open for question as will its future be up in the air. Though if the world witnesses another conservative win, then we should no longer be shocked right?

Misogyny is mainstream

Trump’s victory goes to show that you can be racist and get away with it – in fact, he used that to his advantage by turning Mexicans and Muslims as scapegoats who are taking American jobs; he proved that you can be a misogynist, sexist and grope women and still get away with it. Is Trump alone in his misogyny though? History proves otherwise – earlier this year Turkey’s President Erdogan told women if they reject motherhood are “deficient and incomplete”.


So, misogyny apparently walks hand-in-hand with the political elite and Donald Trump, with his sexism, fits right in. Under Russian President Vladimir Putin, the country has increasingly moved towards traditional family values which has tightened women’s rights, restricted access to abortion and cooled domestic violence.

When currently President of the Phillipines was campaigning for his presidency, he “joked” to a crow about having missed his chance to partake in the gang rape and murder of an Australian woman. Guess what? His poll numbers shot right up.

Trump is a businessman, after all

Trump doesn’t have a political background whatsoever but his success apparently says he has good business sense. Some may argue that his business sensibilities will make him a strong president. Others might like his “frankness”.

A POTUS, however, must be politically correct. Smart in business does not automatically translate to smart in politics. Trump’s sexist and racist comments in the past have been handled with too much ease, clearly, that’s why he’s currently the President-elect, but he must make sure it’s the last time.


Yes, many may be shocked that Donald Trump has swept American voters to become the President. It’s shocking because he won despite his blatant sexist and racist attitude. It’s scary because America is essentially the most powerful nation in the world, which now makes him the most powerful person in the world. But let’s face it, Donald Trump has only joined the band of such leaders from around the world.

Moreover, after four years, there will be elections for the next POTUS.

By Shreya Kalra