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Hari Bansha Acharya ‘pleasantly surprised’ by Karnali

Kalikot, February 21, 2017: For years, we have been reading about Karnali as a land of famine and poverty—an uncharted frontier beset by the lack of infrastructure. The times, however, are changing.  Almost all of the districts in Karnali today are linked by a highway—the Karnali Highway—and the economic disparity that once distinguished its rural reaches from other parts of Nepal is gradually being erased, with optimism about that the region, possessing an array natural beauty and resources, is moving forward in the direction of prosperity.

For one who had never before visited the region, Karnali, naturally, came as a surprise to legendary actor Hari Bansha Acharya, who visited the region to inaugurate a branch office of Sanima Bank, for which he is an ambassador.

“It struck me that Karnali as I see it vastly differs from the Karnali that I had imagined to be like,” said Acharya, “Kalikot, from what I had imagined from Buddhisagar’s Karnali Blues, was a land that was hopelessly impoverished. Now that the district has been linked with a highway, it appears to me, it is showing promises of development. This is a pleasant surprise.”

During his stay here, the actor also engaged in talks with local artists about the current state of arts in the region. Local artists also staged a drama dedicated to the actor during the event.

Speaking to the journalists, Acharya said, “I hadn’t thought that Jumla had such talented artists. Jumla is the land where Nepali language as we use it today originated. I hope in the days to come, we can bring to the fore the arts and culture in the region and the Khas language.”