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Hello Sarkar launches a Call Center for the Public

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Kathmandu, 19 December 2017: Hello Sarkar, an official portal of the government under the Office of Prime Minister and Council of Ministers, has introduced a call center in order to create a path to let the general public pour their complaints to the concerned authorities. These grievances can be about corruption and irregularities, criminality, relief and rescue, disaster and other incidents of public concern.

Ram Chandra Koirala, an officer at Hello Sarkar, stated the services had been set up since 14 December and the general public can access to the services by dialing a toll-free number 1111, fax 1100 or send text messages to 1111. The employees of the call center will immediately report these issues to the concerned authorities through a computer system. The call center also facilitates a recording system. These facilities will encourage the general public to speak up about the problem they’ve been facing on a daily basis.

The call center services will be available from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM every day. Similarly, people can also use their social media sites such as emails, Facebook and Twitter to send their complains.

The introduction of call center has proved to be a relief to the employees of the Hello Sarkar. In the past years, they had to face a lot of disturbances and problems due to the hoax calls. One of the employees, Rupak Aryal was fed up with such prank calls at Hello Sarkar’s system. After the launch of this call center, these employees will no longer have to deal with the prank calls.

The government has believed this system will prove to be a milestone to establish good governance and productive service delivery in Nepal. Hello Sarkar was started with the aim to increase accountability and decrease the distance between the government and the people. The officials have urged the general public to use this services and help promote this information to others as well.

By: Kabita Sen