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ICWA Fellowship Program 2020


ICWA is searching for critical thinkers who use their fellowships to develop insight, vision and new ways of perceiving, navigating and improving our highly globalized world. The institute frees them from the routine of their professional lives through a unique two-year cultural immersion program crafted over 90 years.

Fellows are given the time and resources to explore the world through a self-designed program of study, thought and writing. They undertake research and analysis, producing monthly dispatches, after which they join a growing community of distinguished professionals and leaders making vital contributions to their fields.

Location: United States


  • ICWA provides full financial support for its fellows and their immediate, accompanying families.
  • The institution gives them sufficient funding to cover their expenses, enabling them to fulfil the purposes of the fellowship and allowing them and their families (if accompanying the fellowship) to live in good health and reasonable comfort.
  • Fellows are expected to live and spend modestly.


  • Candidates must be under 36 years of age at the time of the due date for the initial letter of interest.
  • U.S. citizenship is not a requirement, but candidates must show strong and credible ties to U.S. society.
  • Applicants must have excellent written and spoken English-language skills and must have completed the current phase of their formal education. (Not accept applications from currently enrolled undergraduate students)
  • ICWA expects candidates to have the necessary language skills to allow them to carry out their proposed projects. That means enough language proficiency for candidates to be able to function in the local language within a few months of arriving in-country

Eligible Regions: Open for all

Application Deadline: January 15, 2020

Official Link: https://www.icwa.org/apply/?fbclid=IwAR0wQCjDSEjOOu1WXhwPA2cUMJqZqwMdFXaVXtfd_wT4Ifeu9k2MP0SbqH8