Impact of Social Media – The Police Kicking the Rickshaw Puller faces action

by Nagarik 1,525 views0

Biratnagar, June 19, 2016: The traffic police found kicking a rickshaw puller in Jaljala Chowk in Biratnagar is to be punished.

The Eastern Regional Police Office in Biratnagar has started the process of action against him after the photo of him kicking the rickshaw driver went viral on social media.

“It’s sad to see police personnel misbehaving with rickshaw pullers,” said SP Pawan Kumar Giri. “Further, we have issued a circular to all the police officers to improve the service and stop misbehaving people,” he said.

“But, it’s even more saddening to see public reactions in social media defaming the institution of police,” he opined.