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Implementing New curriculum Course from next year


Kathmandu: The new Curriculum of class XI and XII will be brought in implementation only after two years of evaluation. Curriculum Development Center (CDC)will be implementing the new course from the next academic session. The session starts from mid-July.

The eighth amendment of the Education Act, 2016 envisioned replacing the stream-based education system with the single-track curriculum in Grades IX and XII.

Spokesperson for CDC, Mr. Ganesh Prasad Bhattarai said-“We have already started working on books for compulsory subjects of Grade I and XI. Similarly, we are in the final stage of designing the curriculum for optional subjects of Grade XI. We will soon start publishing them too and dispatch them across the country to implement them for next year.”

CDC asserts that the curriculum from Grade I to XII will be fully implemented by the academic year 2023. Students of Grades X, XI and XII are required to study three major compulsory subjects Nepali, English, and Social Studies in Grade XI and Nepali, English and Life Skills in Grade XII according to the new curriculum.

Every school is required to teach three credit hours for compulsory subject I, four credit hours to compulsory subject II and five credit hours for compulsory subject III. One credit hour is equivalent to 32 hours classroom. The new curriculum completely removed by the ranking system. 

Life Skills subject will include topics such as decision making, problem-solving and intra-personal communication strategies. The compulsory subject is Nepali in Grade XI and now will be compulsory even in Grade XII.

Students are required to study three other subjects as per their interests apart from three compulsory subjects.

Source: THT