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India will take initiatives for reconstruction of border pillors


Bhimduttanagar, 20 October 2014: Initiatives would be taken for the reconstruction of the damaged border pillars at Nepal-India border areas.

In course of monitoring, Chief at the Seema Surakshya Bal (SSB) of India, Pilibhit sector, DIG KP Singh, said they have planned to carry out repair and maintenance of the border pillars.

DIG Singh said, “The border security office should prepare a report regarding the damaged border pillars and it should be sent to the higher bodies. We have prepared a report along with all pictures of pillars at border area of our country and we will submit it to the body concerned.”

He added a central level meeting would forward the repair and maintenance works of the pillars.

On the occasion, Singh expressed commitment to raise the issue of reconstruction of Pillar No. 6 at Bhujel, which was swept away by the Mahakali river, in the DIG-level meeting between Nepal and India scheduled after three months.

He further said, “It would be better if Nepali officials raise the issue in the meeting. I will take maximum initiatives from my side.”

DIG Singh also urged Nepalese border security officials to submit a report after carrying out a study of all pillars along the border areas.

He said repair and maintenance works of border pillars in Kanchanpur district would be initiated soon in understanding of the two countries if Kanchanpur submits the report. Local administration of Nepal and India should finalize it along with the report for the same, added DIG Singh.

More than one dozens of border pillars at different border areas in the district are lost and same numbers of the pillars are in dilapidated condition.

Source: RSS


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