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Karuwa Apps: Providing Game Publishing Platform to Indie Game Developers in Nepal

Karuwa Apps Team

Kathmandu, June 7, 2016: Karuwa Apps, a game publishing platform for the independent game developers in Nepal and South Asia, has recently been launched in Nepal.

Initiated by a group of independent (indie) game developers themselves, the platform seeks to help the budding game developers in the region with marketing of games to potential users and reaching out to the game reviewers.

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Talking about the idea behind starting the platform, Bhuwan Acharya, Chief Technology Officer of the organization shared how they faced various problems after the game development phase. “Ourselves being independent game developers, we did not have sufficient budget for marketing and found it extremely hard to reach to game reviewers. And, we could not sustain our game as it had no income,” said he.

He further shared that more than 75% of indie games all over the world are not published due to lack of resources as mentioned. “The situation is even worse in countries like Nepal and South Asia. As, a result very less games are published from this region and only a handful of these games are successful,” he lamented.

As of now, Karuwa Apps, an android game publishing company, will target the best android games by indie developers. “Our main focus will be to help the indie developers in Nepal and South Asia to reach their potential customers. We want to support the games from Nepal and South Asia to have an impact in the world,” said Amrit Sapkota, Marketing Head of the team. “As of now, our goal is to establish ourselves as a stable company and reach 50 thousand downloads for each game we publish.”

The team has already been recognized with various awards like Child Gameathon 2015 (Winner) and Imagine Cup Nepal 2015 Game (Runner-up).

Logo: Crazy Circle

Crazy Circle Run: The First Game

On this June 5, the company published their first game, Crazy Circle Run on Google Play Store. In the game, you will have to protect the white ball from collision with other balls. You tap and hold the screen to increase the speed of the circle and release to slow its speed and complete as much laps as possible, each lap increases your score by 1.



Screenshot from the game
Screenshot from the game

“Reviewing our game, our early users say this game is addictive, difficult, but simple,” says Swastik Sahu, one of the developers of the game who also conceptualized the game. He further mentioned that the game Testers loved the color combination of the background, which is minimalist in nature. “It will enhance the planning skills of the player. Since smaller games are more popular in app stores, we have managed to optimize the game and decrease the size of game to less than 6 MB,” he clarified.

The game had been awarded with 4th prize in game development track in IndiaHacks 2016, the world’s largest developer confluence where more than 50,000 different amateur and professional game developers were participating.

Within the first day of being published in Google Play Store, the game was successful to reach 39 countries and the users have been receiving it well.

May this game be one of the best games from Nepal.

The game can be downloaded from Google Play Store at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.karuwaapps.crazycircle&hl=en

Furthermore, interested game developers can reach Karuwa Apps at http://www.karuwaapps.com

Photos Courtesy: Swastik Sahu

By Basanta Kumar Dhakal