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Katha: A story worth telling


Kathmandu, September 23, 2018: Aayam successfully conducted its first session of ‘Katha: a story worth telling’ which was held in Kaffe Codes, Central Business Park on 21st September, 2018. The storytelling event was organized for a much benign cause of letting rhetoric and storytelling enthusiasts meet like-minded people and hear their awe-inspiring experiences in the form of beautifully crafted stories.

“The event did not specify a theme so as to let diversity of ideas to be presented through stories and let the participants not be limited to a certain aspect of literature but be exposed to many and relate to most,” said Sanbaj Ansari, the president of Aayam.

The event was concluded with prominent speakers narrating their stories namely; Savishra Kandel (Convener in Smart Club), Pukar Silwal(+2 student, Nist college), Raju Jhallu Prasad ( accomplished scriptwriter) and Sanbaj Ansari (President of Aayam). The compelling stories talked about feelings, letting go of fear and delving into philosophy and human behavior to the youths.

Aayam is a social organization formed by enthusiastic teenagers to transform the society by engaging other youths with various initiatives.