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Khumbu welcomes more tourists

Khumbu welcomes more tourists
Khumbu welcomes more tourists

Salleri, 15 March, 2015 : The tourist arrival has increased in upper region of Solukhumbhu, Khumbu, in the recent times.


Tourists arrive in the upper Khumbu region to observe the highest peak of the world, Mt Everest and other dazzling mountains.


The region often remains silent until the end of February receives a large numbers of foreigners with the beginning of the spring season. The foreigners entered into the district through road and airways and that more flights have been operating to and from the airports in the district, according to Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, Lukla.


The Nepal Airlines, Sita Air, Tara Air and Simrik Airlines operate around 10 to 12 flights to the district daily from which around 40 foreigners enter the Khumbu region.


Tens of thousands tourists including foreigners and domestic arrive in the district to observe Mt Everest every year.


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