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Studio Nepal: Revolutionizing the landscape of musical production in Nepal


It was long ago when Roshan Kunwar, the lead guitarist and founding member of the Mukut Band, felt the lack of a musical space required for the quality pre and postproductions of audio/visuals in Nepal. This made him to start a company providing such services in Kathmandu that got materialized only last year.

RK Studio Nepal is a state-of-the-art facility where numerous audio recordings, photography and videography projects take place under a single roof at Balkhu.

One year after starting his own music studio and production house, he now feels it good to have established the company. And the organization has now developed to be a renowned name in the musical industry of Nepal, providing various services under one roof.

Apparently, the company has audio workstation, a photography studio, a lounge and a musical café for musicians who would want to take a break and have some good food to serve in between practices and recordings. The company maintained an environment that is more comfortable for the artists, helping them be more creative in the process. The ambience is more appealing to come back again.

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As of now, the studio is intended to promote thriving musical groups like Kramasha Nepal as a part of its corporate musical responsibility. The company strives to provide a genuine service to all individuals in the arts and entertainment sector and even act as their producer and career guide in the long run.

The place also has a spacious recording room and also can be hired out for practice sessions and an audiovisual workstation. “We are doing all this for making it comfortable to artists and producers on their works and give their best, as we host a spacious recording studio with state of the art and expensive equipment, a fully facilitated photo studio with ample space, videography office to fulfill their works and expand their creative horizons,” says Kunwar. “This is probably the first time in Nepal for such a production house to exist,” he adds.

The company also has come up with various audio training programmes like audio engineering, songwriting and music arranging, local and foreign musical instruments, and workshops with professionals and many more.

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“I was planning to start the company, and had started to work in that direction. But not getting anything to start with was making the situation difficult,” he shared. “I had to bring everything from the USA and Australia for the studio-construction and the day of getting the goods/instruments for the construction of the studio was the happiest and memorable day in my journey of starting the company,” he added sharing his most memorable and the happiest moment in life.

Giving a message to the budding musicians out there, Kunwar suggests them to come for the quality of music instead of just for the sake of recording a song. Upcoming artists should opt for quality music instead of bargaining the price as it helps the quality growth of the industry and promotion of the industry.

Sharing his experiences on starting the venture, and giving a message to the emerging entrepreneurs in town, he suggests them to start small, considering the market size. “The main thing an entrepreneur needs to take in mind while starting the business is the returns from the business,” says Kunwar. “If you do not make money from the business after investing the huge sum of money, you will fail,” he adds.

He has greatly been successful in turning his passion of music into a profession and providing a platform for the budding musicians and bands in Nepal.

In this short span of time, the company has already seen the release of about a dozen of its productions. May the journey continue for forever!

Presented By: Basanta Kumar Dhakal