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MN Entertainment: Growing ventures from Event Management to Restaurant Business in Nepal


MN Entertainment is not a new name in the Nepali event management industry. Started by Mewang Sherpa and Neal Vikram Shahi Thakuri, the company has now grown to expand rapidly in the restaurant business in the town.

Their newly launched venture, Durbar Lounge in the heart of Durbar Marg is one of the popular place for food, drinks and live music. It is indeed creating a buzz in town and has become a favorite hangout space for many people.  The group has also launched Palpasa Cafe and Hookah Lounge & Bar this week at Basantapur.

Krisha Bajracharya, CEO of MN Entertainment says, the group started their journey with the success of organizing MN Holi Festival in the year 2014. The festival organized at the International Club in Sanepa was able to gather a huge mass of people, numbering almost 6000. In the two consecutive years, the festival has grown even bigger, and has developed into their signature event. The organization strives to give each & every event a different meaning, identity and a vision with true professionalism to chart the roads of informative & entertaining events. In the duration, they have conducted events almost on a monthly basis. And, many mega-events on different occasions like English New Year, Nepali New year, Christmas, and various corporate events, in Kathmandu, and other towns.

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Recalling their early days, Bajracharya says that everything was challenging in the beginning. “We had to go through many struggles, from finding good venues for conducting the events, to getting sponsors and gathering participants. But, soon, things started to fall into place. Now, we have come too far from that situation. These days, sponsors themselves approach to work with us,” she adds.

Utilizing public relations as a strength, with the huge network they had and their relations with people from different walks of life, including celebrities and others, they have made the business an exemplary success this early.

“Durbar so far has done better than our target and expectation. The restaurant gets crowded every day, and especially on Fridays. Early booking has become a sort of established rule. Live bands in the restaurants in Durbar Marg are almost non-existent. We feel great for being able to provide that facility to our clients,” says Bajracharya.

Durbar has a provision of various seating arrangements, including a relaxing balcony section and inner space with sophisticated ambience with various live-bands performing every day. The restaurant currently employs around 40 people.

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On starting Durbar, they were doubtful on whether people would come at theirs or not, and whether they would like the location or not. But now, encouraged by the success of Durbar, they have recently opened yet another restaurant ‘Palpasa Cafe and Hookah Lounge & Bar’ at the Freak Street, Basantapur, especially focused as the teenagers’ hangout place and having birthday celebrations among others.

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Giving suggestions to the emerging entrepreneurs, Bajracharya says that one needs to have a vision before doing anything. “Whenever you’re about to start something, have a proper vision set up on your mind. Do proper research about the market on whatever you are planning to do. Know about the resource available with oneself, your capacity to sustain the business, your network with people and the capacity to build PR, and establish relationship with new people. One should take risks in life, and have a vision in mind on what to do and how to do that. If you have a dream, and want to do something, do it immediately.”

Photos Courtesy: MN Entertainment

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