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Know about different types of shoes


30 September, 2015: All of us have a wide variety of shoes in our closet. Some of us even maybe having different colours to match out outfits! But do you know what each type of shoe that you possess is called? The most common types that we hear from each other are stilettos, flats or pumps. But there are are a great deal of other names which very few are aware of.

Ankle strap shoes: They have buckled or elastic straps that are fastened around the ankle. They can either be sandals or pumps. However, ankle strap shoes where the strap is a ribbon or string that is wrapped many times around the ankle and are tied are more often called ankle wrap shoes.

Ballerina flats: These shoes are flats and are closed ones. Their design is like slippers showing most of the top side of the wearer’s foot.

Clogs: Clogs have thick platform heels, traditionally made of wood but can now be made from other materials. They also have closed toes and open backs.

d’Orsay pump: These are the types which have the arcs cut to reveal the foot.

Espadrilles: Espadrilles are slip-ons made of woven fabric and with a flexible sole. The fabric making up the shoe is usually canvas.

Kitten heel shoes: They are pumps with thin and low heels set. They emphasize the feminine shape of the heel.

Mary Jane shoes: These are shoes that have straps over the top of the foot. These shoes can either have just one strap or more than one

Mules: These shoes have their backs open and toes closed. The heel can be chunky or slender regardless of the height.

Platform shoes: A platform shoe has a thick sole at the front. The heels can either be wedged, thick and chunky, or even stilettos.

Slide shoe: This is like a slip on shoe with one or more than one strap. It has both front and the back open. They are available both in flats and heels.

Sling-back shoes: If a shoe has a strap at the back instead of having a full, closed back, it is a sling-back shoe. A sling-back shoe can either have an open toe or a closed toe.
Stiletto shoes: These are the most common of all the ones. They are closed and have thin slender heels.

Wedge: Wedge shoes are those that have triangular heels that run from the back of the shoe to the middle or even the front, creating a wedge shape.


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