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Manhari Rural Municipality proclaimed Child- Friendly Zone


Hetauda: The Manhari Rural Municipality of Makwanpur has been affirmed as a child- friendly zone.

Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Mr.Ishwor Pokhrel formally stated that the rural municipality was the first-ever child-friendly rural municipality throughout the country.

On the occasion, the Minister lauded the federalism for ending the plight of people, staying away from the centre and relying on the central government in everything. He urged that earlier it was the Central Government that used to call the shots in each and everything, but this is no longer so. There are now provincial and local governments and they can do a lot of work for the people under the constitution.

Chief Minister Mr.Dormani Poudel said that it was the duty of the citizens to improve society and the country. He added that their target is to make the entire Bagmati Province child-marriage free by 2021 and child-friendly by 2023.

Source: THT