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Mirchhlung turning into a movie hub


Tanahun, November 28, 2016: Prem Kumari Rana, 74, who hails from Mirchhlung in Maajhkot VDC, has recently acquired a taste for films.

“I never got into the world of cinema in my youth. I didn’t even know what films were,” she reflects, “What has ignited my interest in films this late in life is my conversations with the actors that visit the village for shooting.”

“They have featured me and my home in one of the films, and I actually look good in it, so I am excited to watch the film,” she says.

Mirchhlung, located an-hour walk from the Bhimad bazaar, has recently grown as a shooting hotspot for Kollywood movies.

In the last few months, the village has served as a setting for three films; and now Shirful, a Magar-language film, is currently being shot.

“With actors thronging into the village for shoots, the locals have grown fascinated with films,” says Nita Pun, a folk singer, “They brim with excitement as they see the same actors on TV.”

Owing to the trend, the village has begun drawing hundreds of internal tourists as well, and the economic status of the residents is on the rise.

Shirful, currently being shot around the village, according to its director Kamal Ekchai Magar, portrays the influence of imported culture and trends on the Nepali youth.

Along with a few professional actors, the film also features the locals like Rana herself.  “I tried to portray Shirful, a traditional jewelry worn by indigenous women, as a metaphor, to highlight the importance of our culture and tradition and to make youths aware of imported cultures,” said director Magar.

The film features actors Rupa Rana, Binita Magar, Raaj Thapa, Dev Aale, Neeta Pun and Bina Thapa in lead roles.