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Mitini Sessions on Leadership and Reusable Sanitary Napkins


Kathmandu, July 19, 2018: EmpowHER 2018 continued the Mitini program on Sunday, July 15 which was mainly focused on leadership and making reusable sanitary pads. The day began with a site visit in Kathmandu. Change-makers with their Mitini visited different places like Swayambhu, Boudhanath and Basantapur.

One of the important topic, Leadership was discussed by Amuda Mishra, the executive director of Ujyalo Foundation which helped us understand that our caste, age, gender or occupation doesn’t define leadership. We were also asked to name the leaders among ourselves. So, doing this activity we came to a conclusion that, anyone from anywhere who initiates an opinion or a change can be a leader. Another activity was also done by Amuda Mishra where we learnt about the importance of equal division while doing any work. We also learned to work in a team. This activity also made us know that sometimes quick decisions is also needed and one shouldn’t misuse the opportunity that they have. The game was very interesting and we all enjoyed a lot.

There was another session on Reusable Sanitary Pads by Working As Angels(WAA). This session started with the brief introduction of menstruation by Chhiring Yangjum Sherpa. The others introduced themselves and explained why making sanitary napkins is necessary, especially in Kalikot. Then, the groups were divided and we were taught to make reusable sanitary napkins. The session was very fruitful and all the participants equally enjoyed  making the sanitary pads.
The next session of the day was experience sharing. The Kalikot and Kathmandu Mitinis shared their experience on the program. All the participants were also taken for a team dinner at AI-LA Restaurant. There all the Kalikot Mitinis sang deuda and the Kathmandu changemakers sang other songs. This night made us more close with each other.
The 8th session of EmpowHER was quite knowledgeable and interesting for all the participants as they learned about leadership and how to make sanitary pads.

By Monika Kunwar

Monika Kunwar is one of the changemakers of EmpowHER 2018.