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Monishwaran Maheswaran – Awardee of Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero India 2019



Monishwaran Maheswaran

Monishwaran Maheswaran, whose methodology and problem analysis are rooted in experimenting, questioning, and imagining, likes to marvel at a phenomenon that the rest of the world thinks straightforward. He holds the award of Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero India 2019, declared on June 5 at Guwahati, India.

At the age of 18, he let his curiosity influence his life. When he was young, he tried to open home appliances, like computers, speakers, television sets, etc.just to look inside and see how they work. Having a mathematical eye has its perks as well; he for example, has used probability in everyday life-guessing the likelihood for a win in a game. For him, nature is like a puzzle, and he likes to interact and decipher nature through the universal language of the universe-Math. His answers to several of nature’s mysteries have been compiled to a mathematics research paper during his stay at Harvard University.  

Seeing a lot of his peers, or students in general, having a tough time understanding computer science and programming, intrigued him much. He wanted to change that mindset, so he took up writing a C++ book two years ago. The book uses a new approach to teach children the C++ programming language. He considers that problem solving is his euphoria.

His aim is to educate 1 billion people with programming. He believes programming needs to be considered as a primary language and should be taught to everyone just like any other language-Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, etc. Over the past several years, he has solved numerous problems, using Artificial Intelligence, in the field of healthcare ranging from accelerating the diagnosis of Schizophrenia to combating Malaria using blood diagnosis. He also started two initiatives—Do it for Knowledge, which is involved in improving the welfare of children by providing them with educational supplies from schools and student’s past year books; Run for Cancers, a fundraiser for children suffering from cancer. Although, they have created a huge impact quantitatively. He is a keynote speaker at several international technological conferences, and a four times TEDx speaker. In addition, he has been invited by several universities to give Master Classes and Guest Lectures in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing. 

By questioning the norm, and refusing to settle for a superficial understanding, he strives to get a deeper understanding of the subject and hopes to discover new ground in science and technology that could make the world a better place. It’s a part of who he is, and what drives him to become successful and content. He believes he is new, and that he is going to start a revolution.