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Online Session Concluded: Sustainability & Entrepreneurship


Kathmandu, May 24, 2020: Ensemble for Bachelors in association with Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI) organized and online session on “Sustainability & Entrepreneurship”. Ensemble for Bachelors is a group of undergrads students comprising from management faculty to learn and lead. Successfully the session was held in association with Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI). Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI) is a Youth driven Nepali Non-Profit Organization committed to Social Inclusion and Climate Resilience. It advocates Nepal to choose a Zero-Carbon Economic Growth trajectory.

The program had 25 participants of students from different places of the country from the management and business background. There were three instructors from HCI who successfully organized the session for four hours. The session was conducted via zoom. During the session, students got to understand the role of entrepreneurship in creating a better world. The session started with the introduction of true entrepreneurship, where Ms. Shilshila Acharya delivered a nice presentation on the topic. Acharya is the CEO of Human Climate Initiative and the also the Environmental Scientist. She spoke on how Sustainability and Entrepreneurship is related. She said entrepreneurs really need to be clear about sustainability to be the successful entrepreneur.

The second instructor was Mr. Sushil Khadka. He spoke on difference between the wealth creation and value creation. He said an entrepreneur need to focus on solving the problem rather than just gaining the profit. He also said it is very important to meet societal needs through products and services. 

The third instructor was Mr. Hardik Subedi. He spoke about how creating shared values and corporate social responsibility is important for entrepreneurs. He delivered about creating shared values and the reason of creating shared values i.e. instrumental reason and intrinsic reason. He also made students clear about the importance of fourth bottom line i.e. people, planet, profit and wellbeing of entrepreneurs to be the successful entrepreneur. The instructors elaborated about the importance of sustainability and entrepreneurs in creating a better world after corona crisis. The major aim of the session was to make student think about what kind of entrepreneur they really want to be. Students were given two different cases related to entrepreneurs to make them easier to understand sustainability and entrepreneurship. 

At the end, small video was shown to students to share the personal experiences of instructors regarding sustainability. Small feedback session was also conducted at the end of the session.