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Nation Building Through Young Journalists


Kathmandu, July 2: The youth at Sano Sansar Initiative are organizing a National Youth Conference inviting 75 young individuals across the country. The Young Journalists Conference themed “Nation building through young journalists” will be held from July 23-25, 2015 in Kathmandu. The main aim of this conference is to enable young people to actively participate in micro journalism for a sustainable development.

The attractive aspect of National Youth Conference is to integrate youth expertise on education, environment conservation, sustainable development, and community health with micro-journalism, allowing the young individuals to be the role models of the community. Sano sansar truly believe that training on this concept would be an invaluable asset for both young individuals and the nation.

Participants of this conference will learn the art of creative writing, conflict negotiation, and reporting local actions with journalism ethics in mind which will allow them to qualify to be the Young Journalists and work to rebuild a sustainable Nepal. The professionals will be invited with experience on these fields for a diverse training and discussion in order to satisfy the curiosity of youth regarding nation building through micro journalism.

There will be online network to circulate the youth’s article to the respective government entities and private stakeholders to collaborate with community in resolve the existent issues. It is a real problem in the society where actions and issues go unreported because of scarcity of adequate number of journalists to represent every community. This is a new initiation in the country to identify the real potentiality of youth to contribute in nation building through micro-journalism which hasn’t been put into practice before in Nepal’s history.

Application deadline for the conference is 14 July 2015; the application is free of cost. If selected, there is a participation fee of NPR 500 per person, with the availability of scholarship opportunities for needy/deserving candidates.For more details and application, please visit our website atwww.sanosansar.org/young-journalists.

By: Sangita Tiwari


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