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National Youth Summit concludes reflecting on ample possibilities and opportunities in Nepal


Kathmandu, Oct 29, 2017: National Youth Summit, featured on the theme ‘There is opportunity in Nepal’, held in the capital on 28 Oct, saw a populous group of youths get inspired from dynamic leaders of Nepal: Dayahang Rai, Bhusan Dahal and Rabindra Mishra.

‘Where there is a problem, there is an opportunity’

Dayahang Rai, a popular Nepali actor, director and play writer, shared his journey of hardships and failures in the cinema and theatre industry. Recalling on the days when his team was always in a loss, but that didn’t stop them from pursuing what they loved, he mentioned, “Our dream started with an image and continued with a setback of downfalls, but we were passionate enough to exploit the opportunities available no matter what. That is what everyone must do.” He added, “This is the place we were born and we grew up and this is the place where ample opportunities are available. I agree there are a lot of problems here but what we don’t see is the hidden opportunities behind every problem. Don’t always get affected by results. Have a clear vision and work on it. Nepal is waiting for youths like you to explore the potentials here.”

Dayahang Rai
‘Opportunities don’t knock your door; you knock the door of opportunities’

On the same platform, Bhusan Dahal, a renowned media personality, pointed out the common trend of Nepalese to complain a lot. Diving back into his early days of entering media, he shared how he changed his habit of complaining at everything after he experienced hardships for real. “Opportunity is a door; it stays where it has to, but we have to reach the door named opportunity if we want to reach our destination. Opportunity doesn’t knock your door, but you should knock the door of opportunity,” he opined. Stressing on the importance of living life beyond virtual media and the need of communicating to solve problems, he exclaimed, “The medium you work in is only a tool; however, you need to synchronize your personal growth with the growth of the medium. Meanwhile, you need to remember that there is no shortcut to success. You need to work hard day and night to reach the door of opportunities, wherein opportunities will always be there,” he added.

Bhusan Dahal
‘Creativity is a powerful tool to explore the pool of opportunities’

A journalist, writer, poet and a politician, Rabindra Mishra, expressed the immense amount of pain Nepal faces due to the brain drain of youths every year. Sharing his bittersweet journey of turning into politics to make a change, he suggested the youths present to understand their prime responsibilities towards the nation. “Settling abroad will make your name, but not your nation’s name. If you get an opportunity to study abroad, please do. But, remember to come back while there’s still time because the nation needs you and your efforts. If everyone in our generation will settle abroad saying there’s no opportunity here, then who will create opportunities for our future generations?” he questioned on an emotional note. He concluded, “Your single little step can help illuminate the entire nation. Just be patient enough to use your creativity to explore the enormous pool of opportunities available in Nepal. Because, knowledge is not power, but creativity is power.”

Rabindra Mishra

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Photographs: Educate Nepal Initiative

By Drishti Maharjan