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Nepal Largest Open Art Exhibition cum Competition by Alfresco


Kathmandu, December 22, 2015: Alfresco Media and Event has organized Nepal largest Art Exhibition and Competition including pre-primary level, primary level, lower secondary level, secondary level, college level students along with upcoming artists and senior and senior artists for the sixth time with the title “Alfresco Open Art Exhibition cum Competition 2015”, with the motto “An Open Platform for Youngsters”, where from school level students to Senior Artists have shown their participation and showcased their level of creation.

The program was jointly inaugurated by Mrs. Ambica Shrestha, the President of Nepal Heritage Society and Federation of Business and Professional Women Nepal (FBPWH), Honorary Consul of Spain and Mr. Kishore Maharjan, CEO of Civil Bank Ltd.

IMG_7768During the program, Mrs. Ambica Shrestha mentioned that even though Mr. Shyam Krishna Shrestha, the President and the Coordinator is too young for the job, has done a great job by creating “The Platform” for Junior Level Students as well as the Senior Artists, in order to bridge the gap between the generations’ creativity, feelings as well as to create a smooth co-ordination between them. She also asked Mr. Shyam Krishna Shrestha to follow on and continue the inspiring work he’s been doing and congratulated him and the team for growing bigger and better. Mr. Kishore Maharjan highly appreciated this work of organizer team and he compared this exhibition with international art exhibitions he has visited.

Mr. Shyam Krishna Shrestha also mentioned he’s been doing these works for more than half decade and will continue the work further in the future too. He’s been working to improve the moral values within the youth. This program is also a part of his tries to make his effort come successful. The main theme of the Exhibition was to promote young artists and make a market for young and rising artists, which would also bridge the gap between the generations.

More than 400 participants have participated in the exhibition including kinder garden students, primary school students, lower secondary level students, secondary level students, college level students, upcoming artists and senior artists. The range of the painting prices are from NRs 5,000 and above depending on artists. As mentioned by the Chief Judge Mr. Gehendra Man Amatya, school level students and college level students were competed and awarded to moralize them on expressing their feeling their creativite ideas.

During the opening program, a performance art with the title “Nakabandi -2.5″ was performed by ” Sundar Lama and the Sarbanaam team”

The award winning participants list is as below:

College Level Student

1st position: Rudra Pratap, Lincoln College

2nd position: Lisha Gaire, Public Youth Campus

3rd position: Monica Dangol, NIST

Consolation: Bishnu Lama


Secondary Level:

1st position: Shreeja Shakya, Little Angel’s School

2nd position: Anjali Kedia, Modern Indian School

3rd position: Arnav Agrawal, Rupy’s International School

Consolation: Prem Kumari Tamang, Srijana Gyan Sagar Boarding School


Lower Secondary Level

1st position: Kishor Rai, Kanchanjhanga Integrated Model School

2nd position: Abhik Raj Shrestha, Pathsala Nepal

3rd position: Akshara Singh, Lincoln Shool

Consolation: Yurika Dangol, Srijana Gyan Sagar Boarding School


Primary Level

1st position: Khushi Saraf, Modern Indian Schook

2nd position:Sakina Khatun, Geetanjali English High School

3rd position: Arjun Saraf, Modern Indian School

Consolation: Puspa Dhakal, Kausal English Boarding school




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