Nepal-UNESCO collaboration continues


    Kathmandu, March 29, 2018: The United Nation Educational, Science, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) partnership with Nepal have completed 20 years. UNESCO has been playing an important role towards raising educational advancement and preserving the cultural heritage in Nepal.

    On Wednesday evening at the celebration of 20 years in Nepal, Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Girirajman Pokharel praised the UN agencies role in preserving and exploring cultural heritages of Nepal whose reception was hosted by UNESCO representative Christain Manhart.

    Mr. Pokharel also conveyed the gratefulness for its collaboration with Nepal on rebuilding historical heritages which were demolished by the earthquake and recalled its contribution to the professional advancement of journalism and expansion of community communication to UNESCO.

    “UNESCO has been providing support to Nepal’s peace process, education, science and Technology, defense of press freedom and development of community communication and pledged to continues such support in future as well,” stated UN Resident Representative Mr.Valerie Julliand.

    Source- RSS