Number of Gauri Gai in Chitwan National Park now reaches 368

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Chitwan, June 8, 2016: The Chitwan National Park (CNP) has witnessed an increase in the number of  gaurs, locally known as Gauri Gai (Bos Gaurus), the protected wildlife species.

CNP assistant conservation and information officer Nurendra Aryal said that the number of Gaurigai soared to 368 from 312 in the past five years. The CNP recently carried out the headcount of this protected wildlife after five year in a bid to work out a new strategy for its conservation.

He said that of the number, 115 are male and 148 female. Likewise, sex of 72 adults is not recognised while 33 are calves.

The census was carried out in Chure area through a head-count methodology by dividing the habitats into 14 areas. A total of 130 CNP employees and technicians and 24 tamed elephants were deployed for this.

CNP Chief Conservation Officer Ram Chandra Kandel attributed well-managed habitat to the increment in the number of this wildlife species.

He said that the wild animals prefer to live in dry elevated area and Chure region.

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