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Project GIFT: Empowering youth innovators in Sindhuli


Kathmandu, October 25, 2016: Project GIFT, a new economic initiation and innovation project by YUWA, a youth run and youth led not-for-profit based in Kathmandu, has recently been launched amid much enthusiasm. GIFT stands for Grassroots Innovation for Transformation and as the name suggests, YUWA is working with young innovators with the goal of their innovations changing their communities. The project aims to help innovators to create income and therefore reduce the need to seek employment overseas.

On the 24th and 25th of September YUWA, in partnership with Youth Partnership for Development and Peace Nepal (YSP Nepal), ran the first stage of the programme in Khurkot, Sindhuli. The initiation training involved 36 youths from across the Sindhuli district, and worked at building their core skills as the young innovators, skills which are vital for being successful business people, such as leadership, problem solving and communication.

By working with the local partner, YSP Nepal, it was ensured that youths from isolated villages in the district could be made aware of the project and have an opportunity to participate. The programme sought to include a significant number of marginalized groups, with 70% of participants being female and 17% of participants being Dalit. YUWA utilized it’s flexible and creative workshop style to ensure that the training was suitable for a village environment. This included using outdoor spaces, interactive games and group activities.

yuwa-project-gift-3YUWA was encouraged by the enthusiasm of the participants, who brought with them ideas, skills and creativity. The organization seems further excited to see these ideas progress into innovative businesses over the coming months, by professionalizing the agriculture, handicrafts and service sectors in the area.

Participants in the process of constructing their model village
Participants in the process of constructing their model village

YUWA was one of the winners of the Global Youth Empowerment Fund for Project GIFT in Sindhuli. Project GIFT will continue to work with youths over a 12-month period which will include workshops, skills transfer, mentoring and funding opportunities.