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My reflections from conducting entrepreneurial workshop in a Bhaktapur school


This Friday evening, I felt such a satisfaction on getting a message on Facebook from a participant of a workshop we recently conducted, which read: “Please like our page, so that you can get to know about our entrepreneurial activities.” The page name is: ‘Udam Club, with a very nice logo.

And, the next day morning, Saturday, I woke up to see some pictures on the same page, with the gathering of club members who also invited the whole community to clean up the surroundings, including their principal, teachers, and parents among others.

The article I am writing is to acknowledge the efforts of the participants of our recent workshop on entrepreneurship and self-competency. We, Glocal After School- Academy of Employability Skills partnered with Anurodh Nepal and Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers to get the workshop to 900 students in seven districts of Nepal; Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Siraha, Saptari, Udaypur, and Dhanusha.

We started with 25 students of Bagiswori School in Chyamhasinga, Bhaktapur. The workshop is about 2 hours each for 3 days. I was amazed to see how much these teenagers know what they want from their life, whereas, going to some classes of Bachelors and Masters level, we find confusion among the participants. These young students are very keen in not only learning about entrepreneurship; but also implementing what they have learned.

We completed the workshop, helped them with suggestions, and our work was done. We returned back. But, after two days of completion of the workshop, I was left all wondered to see such an initiation of these young students.

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I am left amazed every time I work with the younger group of teenagers may it be Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero or Entrepreneurial and Self Competent Workshop. The aspect which makes me amazed is their thought process, may be as they are not exposed to a lot of training, workshop or practical modules, they try to give the best with the best effort. They are open to learning, develop and are ready to carry things forward.

We initiated Glocal Teen Hero in 2015, which is a platform for teenagers to get exposure, appreciation, and recognition for the impacts they have created in society. Here we are in the preparation of the 3rd edition of Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero. We have seen 379 teenagers from different areas of Nepal doing amazing things, creating impact, and changing the societal thought process about age. In the last two years of Glocal Teen Hero, we have selected 12 amazing teenagers as finalists and Two Award Winners of Glocal Teen Hero.

The more the age is we become thoughtful about risk, self and we bring doubts into action. Doubts seem to be the decliner of self-trust and creativity. And these younger teenagers have so much of belief in themselves that they try things which are impossible.

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Yes, we have been working for providing the platforms for these younger generations, however the process of doing so has been a great learning for us about how to bring things into action.

Showing initiation and continuously putting efforts to the work you have initiated is what entrepreneurship for me. I am really very proud of these participants who have started working to prove age is just a number and they can turn impossible into possible.

All the best Heroes! Continue doing amazing works! 🙂

By Asish Thakur