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Robotics for agro-innovation

Kathmandu, November 30, 2016: Yantra 5.0, an art and tech science festival, is slated to begin today at the Army Physical Training and Sports Centre, Lalitpur. Organised annually by the Robotics Association Of Nepal (RAN), the theme of the fifth iteration of Yantra is Agro-Innovation. Yantra 5.0 will have on display various problem-solving approaches to existing issues in the country’s agricultural sector.

This year, there are five major programmes under the umbrella of Yantra 5.0 : International robotics competition, art and tech exhibition, paper presentation, Yantra learning,  creative computing,  Yantra kids and Yantra incubation.  According the organisers, the main attraction of Yantra 5.0 will be the Krishak Copter—a quadcopter that is capable of spraying pesticides—designed by participants of the International Robotics Competition.

“Yantra was conceived with the vision of supporting the engineering community and providing a platform for the tinkerers, hobbyist, robot lovers and makers,” said the organisers, issuing a press note. Since its inception in 2011, 244 teams have competed to showcase their robot-making skills.

RAN has been organising an annual national-level robotics competition as part of Yantra for the past four years. Leading up to the event, it provides knowledge of programming and electronics through robotics workshops. The workshops are targeted at engineering, high schools and secondary school students.

This year’s festival will continue until December 20.