Share investors still hopeful

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Share investors still hopeful

Kathmandu, Jan 21: The country’s share market has felt the adverse impact of the murky political environment on the third day of trading today. The share market was buoyant on the first two days of this week.

However, still there is some semblance of hope among the traders as the decline is lesser in degree than the rise.

Share traders and investors were in high spirit on the first two days of this week with the hope that the constitution writing process would move ahead towards success.

The NEPSE index rose by 5 and 30.09 points on Sunday and Monday respectively but it slid by 12.65 points on Tuesday following the vandalism and attack in the Constituent Assembly hall on Monday night.

In the views of share market analyst Rabindra Bhattarai the investors have confidence at times when big decisions are being made in the politics and are excited. Based on this high level confidence, they invest. But when they feel that their invested amount would not be secured, they become nervous and do not invest. The fluctuation in the NEPSE index over the last three days reflects this.

He said the share market is currently volatile.

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