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Solving problems with computer programming – Story of Ayush Pandey


Glocal Teen Hero Top 6 Finalist

17 years old Ayush Pandey, who has just passed SEE exam this year, is an avid computer programmer who loves to solve problems, troubleshoot issues and come up with creative solutions.

Currently, he is associated with +5:45 Network where he is responsible for developing websites, apps and programs.

He has been working on a cross-platform (web and android) app named EPCI (Electricians, Plumbers, Cable operators and Internet Service Providers). The app helps people who are facing problems with regards to EPCI by giving information and connecting them to nearest EPCIs. It provides the users with information of EPCIs near their location and an easy way to connect to them and get works done.


This year itself, he facilitated a design and development seminars to 90 students in his home district, Rupandehi. He has developed www.plus545.com.np to provide news, event details, online services and emergency contacts to Nepalese inside and outside Nepal. It is a web platform to explore everyday Nepal. He has also developed Curiosity Platform, an Android app that that helps students ask questions and post answers online.

Along with this, he has also developed PROTECT- a mobile app to help people in danger.

Currently, he is working on JARVIS- an offline voice controlled personal assistant for visually impaired people.

“I love to code. Computer programming has been my great passion. It makes me feel like I’m building something that belongs to me, nobody else,” he shares.

Five years down the line, Ayush wants to see himself as a person with knowledge and skills as a great asset to the country for developing something new and useful. “The next 5 years is going to be awesome. I have dreamed something very big. And I am walking in the path to see myself as the inventor of that big thing,” he shares.

Ayush wants to see himself as a person who is successful in building a good platform for teenagers to code. He has an ambition to create a platform to connect creative and talented teenagers, unite them and build a better place to live in.

Ayush conducting a workshop
Ayush Pandey was selected as one of the top 6 candidates for Glocal Teen Hero 2017 through a rigorous selection process. An interview round with the respected jury panel and SMS voting will select the Glocal Teen Hero – The Fantastic Teen for this year.

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