‘Spectre’ To Make Changes To Get Incentives From Mexico?

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‘Spectre’ To Make Changes To Get Incentives From Mexico?

16 March,2015: “Spectre” has reportedly tweaked its script in exchange of some monetary boost from Mexican government to portray the country in a more positive light.

According to email exchanges leaked during Sony hack, the movie hopes to get up to USD 20 million in incentives, reported Forbes magazine.

“We are currently facing a budget that is far beyond what we anticipated and are under immense pressure to reduce the number to USD 250 million net of rebates and incentives,” wrote MGM’s Jonathan Glickman.

“This is not about ‘nickel and diming’ the production. As of now, our shooting period is USD 50 million higher than ‘Skyfall’ and the current gross budget sits in the mid USD 300 million, making this one of the most expensive films ever made.”

Rumour has it, the studio already got USD 16 million for some changes including replacing a Mexican governor with an international ambassador as a target of assassin, trading Mexican police with a special force group, and highlighting more modern features of Mexico City.

The casting of Mexican actress Stephanie Sigman as Estrella was also reportedly part of the deal. Another compromise was avoiding hiring a Mexican star in the role of the assassin. They are open to more suggestions in order to add USD 6 million more in financial support.

Source:The Indian Express



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