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Sri Lanka to support for Lumbini’s development


Kathmandu, June 11, 2017: Sri Lankan Ambassador to Nepal, WS Pereira, has underscored the importance of Buddhist philosophy and literature for social justice and co-existence.

At a ‘Special Buddha Worship Ceremony’ held on Saturday evening at the Sri Lankan Embassy in Maharajgunj in the memory of the spiritual envoy Emperor Ashoka had sent to Sri Lanka, Ambassador Pereira stressed on the need to follow Buddha’s preaching for world peace. He added that relations between Nepal and Sri Lanka remained strong due to Buddhist religion.

Ashoka – who became an emperor after committing huge massacres – adopted the Buddhist religion and helped spread it to different countries in Asia.

On the occasion, Pereira pledged Sri Lankan government’s support in Lumbini’s development.

He added that Ashoka’s son Mahinda had spread Buddhist philosophy and literature in Sri Lanka in the 3 BC.

All Nepal Monk Federation Chairman, Maitreya Mahaastavir, recited the Paanchasheela and noted that Ashoka contributed in spreading Buddhist philosophy and literature. Mahaastavir added that as Ashoka had set up the Ashoka pillar in Lumbini, there should not be a debate over the birthplace of Buddha.

Charumati Buddha Bihar Chief Monk, Tapashi Dhamma, said Ashoka had sent his sons, daughters and trusted envoys to the then Nepal Mandal, Sri Lanka, Burma and Thailand among other countries to spread Buddhism. On every full moon day of the Nepali month of Jestha, the Embassy has been organizing such special worship ceremony.

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