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Style according to your body shape!!


07 August, 2015: Everyone is different considering their look, personality and so are the body types. It is likely very important to know what your body type is? And dress up accordingly. Here are few tips to decide your dress based on your body type.

Human bodies can be broadly categorized in definite shape types. And depending on the shape you can decide what kind of clothes you should wear that will look the best on you. Here’s how you can determine the best options:

Pear shape: If you bottoms are broader than your shoulders, then you have a pear shape. Go get clothes that accentuate your shoulders to give a more balanced look to your body. Wear heavy jackets or blazers.

Apple shape: If you have more mass around your waist, then you fit into this category. So instead of letting your shirt un-tucked, wear loose trousers and avoid skinny ones. That will get you a balanced look.

A ‘V’ shape: If your body takes a ‘V’ shape with shoulders broader than your hips, then go for crisp cotton shirts that fit your upper body. Trousers or a pair of jeans that are not too tight will define the entire body well.

Flat chest: If you have no curves and if your shoulders, waist and hips fall in a straight line, then the trick to wear something that emphasizes your shoulders. Go for jackets, blazers and loose shirts.



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