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Tea and Coffee: Best Companion Ever


If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee – Abraham Lincoln

Tea or Coffee? Which one would you prefer? I am a tea lover but also I am a coffee enthusiast. So, I follow the quote by Abraham Lincoln.

Today the weather challenged me and it was really cold. I thought it was obvious to have a cup of coffee with my colleagues, who are more like my friends. It feels so good gathering with people around the roadside and restaurants, sipping tea or coffee, talking and chatting with friends. This could be the best part of having coffee in hand, listening to music or reading novels might feel good. This is an awesome day.

To be honest I always enjoy drinking coffee because it has a delicious smell, and a smoky, sweet taste. I find tea with its distinct flavor, produces a dark strong liquid which makes it a perfect pairing with milk. I had a cup of coffee early in the morning with a little bit of milk. Coffee helps me tackle the day ahead. I always cheer and my best companion anytime and anywhere. Coffee is always something I enjoy and coffee with cakes also is a great combination for me that I prefer.

Nowadays, my daily routine is hectic and I am always in a hurry to reach my destination. I could not manage my time for my lunch. So, I always enjoy my company with coffee and I am a strong coffee lover that brightens up my mood.

These days tea shop plays a significant role in my daily life. I mostly prefer milk tea with mix- up of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, or even black pepper. I love the taste of tea that is being prepared over a small wood fire or on a stove. It feels good when someone asks me if I would like to have tea. It feels refreshment while having ‘Chiya’. It freshens up my mind and I gather all my energy together to do a lot better at work.

Apparently, the choice of tea or coffee depends on my mood, however, I am not a moody person. I prefer both ‘tea and coffee’ anytime or anywhere that is always the best buddy of my life. Most probably it always my best travel partner, whenever I go. I love to encourage myself with a steaming cup of perfectly-brewed milk tea or maybe coffee. Just give me both, I will accept it with a smile.

Nepal chooses the year 2020 as “Visit Nepal Year 2020” which is chosen as the national tourism year of Nepal. This year is a time to travel and have lifetime experience wandering through nature. It is time to gain new experiences, new learnings and I have added some of my dream place on my bucket list. Among them ‘Chiya-Bagan’ is one of my favorite dream places. The thing I wanted to add, Nepali Masala Tea can be one drink for welcoming visitors in Nepal. They might have explored many hot drinks, flavored coffees, beans, Americanos, Cappuccinos, Latte and many more. But Typical Nepali Masala Tea can be the beauty. So, let’s promote Nepali drinks too as it can be many people’s favorite.

  • Swechha Poudel