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The Highest Piano Concert On Land At Thorong La Pass


October 28, 2015:  The concert was hold three times from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. There was around 100 people who were passing by Thorong La include trekkers, guides and local peoples.

Thorong La pass, 5,416m above sea level, where the concert being held, is the highest place among the rounding courses of Annapurna called top three trekking courses in the world, and is the destination of dream for the trekker walking the Annapurna circuit trek. This place was busy with lots of trekkers who wants to feel the beauty of Mother Nature except the Monsoon season every year, however, the tracker stopped coming to this place after a big earthquake of Nepal in spite of little damage there.

The Piano and Ice cream are going to convey the message saying, to give a touch of steady interest and help for the suffering areas and to prevent the local economic crisis by visiting as it used to do for the places without damage.


The protagonist of the concert is the young pianist Karam Kim, who collected the topics by appearance in the KBS(Korea Broadcasting System) drama “Tomorrow is cantabile too” as an real pianist, and received master’s degree from the Conservatoire de Paris, studied in the Royal Academy of Music with excellent results. Kim also has begun to represent the excellence in the world stage by winning the prize in the International Concours de l’Ile-de-France, etc. Kim is being interested in the charity concert to change the world through music as well as standing on the various global stages, she has supported for 30 wells by the local charity concert in Africa for a month in school days, also continuously participated in the charity concerts for donation of talent. She gladly accepted the participation in the concert on mountain of Himalaya for earthquake recovery in Himalaya, Nepal provided donating the whole amount of concert guarantee. She said, she wishes her play could be used for the meaningful thing for the needy rather than being an owner of a colorful careers.


kimThe Piano and Ice Cream has prepared for the piano concert in Himalaya to help the local people falling into difficulties in Nepal earthquake damage with the slogan of ‘HOPE FOR NEPAL, ACT FOR NEPAL’, it held a performance to minimize the Nepal earthquake damage and proceeded the event to supply the ice creams to the children in the local slum. As the Korean SPA brand, Orange Factory with the company motto of Honesty, decided to sponsor for the program, it has begun to speed up the preparation for ‘the piano concert on the 5,416m, Himalaya for earthquake recovery in Nepal’ since last August. We want to create the global issue by holding a piano concert in the Holy land of trekking in Nepal, 5,416m above the sea level, in order to contributes for ‘expediting the continuous interests in earthquake recovery in Nepal’ and ‘normalization of Nepal tour industry’. In addition, after climbing down a mountain, we plan to present the music to the children those who has been marginalized in the music and cultural benefits by living in the slum of Pokhara by holding the first subsequent concert, and to comfort the people suffering the hard time due to damages by earthquake by holding the second subsequent concert in the plaza of Durbar, Kathmandu. The second-handed grand piano purchased in Korea for the concert is being prepared for moving to the mountain after transporting to the site in Nepal at present. Realizing the world’s first attempt to transport a grand piano by the manpower at an altitude of 5,416m and hold the piano concert there, all the procedure for piano dismantling, transporting, assembling, alignment, etc. was carefully checked. The piano arrived at the Thorong Pass on the 15th OCT.


The piano is the instrument representing the peace as described in the song “Ebony & Ivory” of Paul McCartney and the ice cream is the food to present the pleasure to all of men and women of all ages. The Piano and Ice Cream is the name containing the hope to sing and share the message of peace, hope, joy represented by the both names at the roof of the world, Himalaya. Currently we have two member, Chulho Jin and Sujin Choi. (Interview 00:23~) The Piano & Ice cream team and the 13 porters brought the piano up to the Thorong Pass. And we started concert from 8 A.M. If weather and condition are good, we will finish the concert within today. But if not, we will wait until the next day. Anyway, today is special day for us. All the Nepali who saw the rehearsal said ‘Excellent’ ‘Amazing’. We hope that we could share ‘Hope’ for Nepal and world citizen.


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