Two die in road accident

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Two die in road accident

Birgunj (Parsa), 25th December,2014 : Two people, a motorcyclist and pillion rider, died on the spot when a bus hit their motorcycle.


The incident, which took place today morning at Gadhimai Municipality  in Pathalaiya forest in Birgunj, claimed the lives of

Two die in road accident
Two die in road accident

Rabindra Gupta, 25, from  Birgunj Municiplaity and Santosh Yadav, 27, from the same locality, according to the Mid regional Traffic Police Office, Pathalaiya.


The motorcycle ( Na 12 Pa 2150) heading towards Nijgadh from Pathalaiya was knocked down by a bus (Ba 4 Kha 310) coming from the opposite direction, resulting in the on-the-spot death.


Police have arrested the driver and taken the bus which hit the motorcycle under their control.


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