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Uplifting logistics into a different dimension: Kantipur Logistics


Technology has made human life much easier in every aspect whether it be daily activities, transactions or trade. Country like Nepal where imports are more than exports, exchange of goods, logistics plays an important role. Among many logistic companies Shishir Gyawali initiated Kantipur Logistics uplifting the dimension of logistic market of Nepal through online service and manual tracking system.

Story behind initiation

Shishir Gyawali, Chairman and Managing director of Kantipur Logistics is one of the team members to whom an idea stroke while working at the airport. “Huge traffic in import and export of goods at airport fascinated me a lot while working in airport”, said Gyawali. After a rigorous research and full supportive surrounding, he and his team emerged with an idea of the logistic company, Kantipur Logistics.

The advantage of the idea of the logistic company is that the flow of the goods is something mainstream that never ends.  And a team became ready with a complete idea utilizing the spare time and then give it a try. Gyawali says, “We also did the extensive research about the statistics in Nepal about the import and export rate and realized that the ratio of the import is to export was about 8:1 back then. With reference to this statistics, a small success in import will also be a huge success for the company.” The supportive mentors, helper, supporters, initial agencies tie-ups and business partners encouraged the team for a new startup. And co-founders from the team registered the company as Kantipur Logistics in 2016.

About Kantipur Logistics

Kantipur Logistics is a logistics company in Nepal that provides an outsourcing, cargo and delivery services at an international level.  It encourages the national and international companies to expand the business to another country which performs the order placement using trading points.

The specialty of Kantipur Logistics is that its service is of minimum cost and very efficient. A door to door service is one of the specialties of Kantipur Logistics. Gyawali mentioned, “We were four initially is now we are eight.” The company started its first year with Air mode for import and export of goods. The second-year continued with the start of sea mode of transport for the in and out of goods.

Gyawali shared, “Company brought up a strategy of placing an order from a customer and then parceling the ordered goods to the customer from the agent. We worked within the time constraints of taking the payment from the customer and promising to pay to the agent within a certain date.” Even being a startup company, Kantipur Logistics is considered one of the successful logistics company transporting goods by air. As being a startup, challenges were yet to come.


Back then the finance and governmental processes were the challenges that Kantipur Logistics dealt with. Gyawali said, “As the time passed by the financial challenges became the strength because of the swift turnover in the business. But the struggles with governmental processes are still the same as the present challenge.”

The main challenge was to meet the time frame of the given time commitment. Before Kantipur Logistics, there was disappointment with delayed deliveries of the goods. In the future, challenge for the company will be on meeting the vision of the employee and the company. Also, progress on the sea mode of transportation of goods is still a challenge.

Customer response

“Initially, customer doubted on the service as per the market back then. But after trying once, they became the constant customers and recommended to other”, said Gyawali. They are so satisfied with the service as it has always been quick and reliable. With the introduction of manual tracker, it just added more reliability and ease to customers and mitigated the myth of delayed delivery. Not having any hidden charges customers feel free to contact Kantipur Logistics. Looking at these responses from customers, Kantipur Logistics seems pretty ready for the future.

Future plans

Kantipur Logistics aims to focus on the mobile app development of the manual location tracker after the success of the web app of the tracker.

About the future expansion of the services, the company is planning to execute the strategy of taking orders from the customer, buy the goods from the international market, ship the goods to the country and then deliver it door to door. He says, “This will help the customer to suffer less of insecurity of everything and then banking hassles. For the execution of the plan, we choose China as most of the air import and export shipment of Nepal is form and to China. “

This will also help in promotional growth for the company with China and its market. With this new strategy, the customer will get a quicker and more reliable service.

Message to youth

Shishir Gyawali says, “We should never drop an opportunity but grab it, be confident about it and work hard on it. Don’t hesitate to ask help from anyone even from your rivalry. If you ask for help, there will be many to help. The only challenge is to ask them.”

By: Sampada Dahal

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