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Visually Impaired Children on Quiz Battle


Kathmandu, January 3, 2017: With the motive of bringing forward the talents of visually impaired children and encourage them by providing further opportunities, a quiz competition is set to be organized in Nepal.

Live and Lead International, an organization actively working in the social development sector, is about to host the quiz competition named Quiz Battle. The organizers informed about the tournament amidst a press conference held in capital on Monday.

The organizers further mentioned that the select visually impaired children from all over the nation would be brought to Kathmandu and put into trainings providing them with learning opportunities. They will then be set for the final round of the competition to vie for the award.

Navin Yadav, Chairman of the host organization Live and Lead International claims that the programme is also a campaign to empower and encourage all the differently abled children in Nepal. The tournament seeks to establish Nepal’s identity in the world, he added.

“As youths, we should start good things on our own, and strive towards the development of society,” he said on the occasion. He added that the Quiz Battle would have the highest prize amount among all such competitions held in Nepal.

Captain Vijay Lama, also a social activist, will be the quizmaster for the tournament.

Speaking on the occasion, Lama said that we should not leave the physically challenged people behind, but take them along and move forward. “Though it’s a challenging task in itself to run competitions for visually impaired children, it is also a matter of pride and self-satisfaction for me to host the tournament,” he shared.

Mentioning the necessity for youths to come forward in every sector, Lama said with confidence that the nation’s adverse days would be soon over provided youths get an opportunity to take the lead.