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What makes a great brand?

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Businesses can benefit making their brand distinctive, trusted, exciting, reliable whatever suits best for their company. Meaning of branding is taken in different ways according to understanding of people and situation. Brand is a set of associations and perception in people’s mind with a person or company. Branding is an attempt to make the experience better. There are different factors which effects branding like reviews, design being used, customer service, advertising, marketing approach, work culture and so on. Although branding principles varies from industry to industry but few basics remain the same. Here are things which makes a brand great.

Idea- Soul of branding

The root of branding is an idea. A big idea is what matters first than other things. This decides overall of what customers can expect from the company. The ideas should consist of answer of these questions.

  • What you offer?
  • Why you’re doing it?
  • How you’re going to present it?

It is always better to get outside perspective to understand in better way. The best idea can be consulting with branding experts/consultants and branding agency. Once these things are answered you are all set to hit the market. After this, the company needs to work on brand delivery techniques and consistency in it.

Vision – Dreaming future

Clear vision of future of a brand is what drags it closer to it. The clarity it is in mind of people will create strong brand. For example, Microsoft is vision of Bill Gates to take personal computer to every home. SpaceX is vision of Elon Musk to make travel to space easier. A clear vision is from how you see your company in future to how will you fight with problems of market in future. Most of the corporate vision are nothing but a hollow illusion set by top management which is why brand fails. A well thought vision helps to put things in structure which helps in effective implementation of strategy.

Communicating Values

The delivery of product and services, work ethics, CSR are the things which sets value of company in mind of people. The consistency in delivering values can take brand to next level. Goldstar is now a shining brand because of its value to deliver quality product in low price. People associate it with pride of wearing local product. The CSR activities of companies takes the brand values to a new level. The major thing which effects as value is customer service and quality. The moment consistency is broken brand values drop down. Those made values should also be well communicated in the form of advertisement and design.

Personality – creating memory

After working on all three things (Idea, vision and values) the next major part is personality. How people are going to see those things. The things which reflects brand personality of a company are:

Design: It can be graphic design, visual identity. The character of design must match the targeted customers. This varies from company to company. Depending on customers it should be decided how creatively you are going to present it.

Language: The language of communication in all branding effects a lot in long term. It should be decided earlier or during rebranding if it is going to be formal or casual.

Engagement: Engagement creates memory. Any good memory about a brand people will remember it for a long time.

Customer Service: After all branding if the product is not good no one is going to like it. Similarity customer support works as bridge between customer and company.

Planning beginning from working on a great idea to set foundation and then move for vision, values and personality.  Working with experts and consulting is best way to avoid brand flaws. From investing on strategies to implementing it will grow any brand.

By: Ajay Pandey