Windows 10: Big Step for Microsoft


    Microsoft has been the King of Personal Computers since forever. While the PC sales are declining and with new operating system coming under the Linux variation, Microsoft has got some new challenges to face. But this trend has been on for a few years now and Windows was going quite well until Microsoft tried to experiment with its operating system making it for PC as well as tablet.

    For the PC users, Windows 8 came as a nuisance. People looked stupid when they couldn’t enter to the desktop when the PC booted directly into the Start Screen. Shutting Down became challenging as ever. If one opened a modern UI apps, finding the Desktop was a big trouble. Tablets looked like a long shot as the Google Android was completely controlling that market. Windows 8.1 upgrade came and saved the belt for Microsoft but still people weren’t happy with the product they paid for.

    With speculations of Windows 9 coming out to be a nice merge between Windows 7 one of the best sold and consumer preferred Windows and Windows 8 with the Modern Apps. Microsoft gave a small shock by releasing it as Windows 10. What happened to Windows 9, people at Microsoft didn’t explain.

    Windows 10 comes with many new features and old looks. The Start Menu is back with both the desktop icons and the Modern Apps. It will give you the Modern UI experience with the same old Start Menu. Windows 10 will also bring out multi-platform feature which will allow Windows 10 to run on phones, tablets as well as PCs. It also makes it easier for the developer to make a cross platform app across all these platform

    With features like Continuum, using a tablet with a keyboard will give a complete laptop feel as the Windows will adapt to the hardware in the computer. Multitasking is a lot easier with Snap assist which will allow you to run 4 different apps desktop as well as modern at the same time. Multi-desktop will allow us to run multiple desktop for work, home, gaming, movies etc. This will help us to maintain different desktops on the same computer and switching between them is really easy.

    Microsoft is trying to bring the Windows 7 feel back with the Windows 8 feature and some more with the Windows 10. This is a big step for Microsoft who are trying to take their rightful place as PC Kings and consumer favorites and getting into the smartphones and tablets. One platform on different devices will be something Microsoft will be planning to cash their money on.

    Microsoft will probably be getting Windows 10 out for user during the late Q1 or early Q2 of 2015. For people, planning to register for the early development of Windows 10 can get it on official Microsoft website.

    By : Sukrit Pant


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